Gabi has been with us at Great Dixter for over 2 years and we find her to be hardworking, efficient, reliable, knowledgeable, and a very trustworthy person. I would not have any hesitation in recommending Gabi to any new employer. She has many qualities that make her an excellent gardener with good aesthetics and vision.

 Fergus Garrett, Head Gardener at Great Dixter, East Sussex-UK

Gabriella has worked for me at Sandhill Farm House Rogate on a number of occasions, bringing with her other gardeners from Great Dixter. The work at Sandhill, a garden open regularly to visitors, has been very labour intensive and has required both gardening knowledge and a designers's trained eye.

As she is both talented and hard working I am keen that she obtains a role where she is going to be able to take responsibility for a wide range of horticultural practice.

She has ability to motivate others, her English is excellent, has a good sense of humour and would be an asset to any team.

Rosemary Alexander, Principal, The English Gardening School, London

Gabriella worked for several years as one of my Gardeners at Hinton Admiral. Gabi was always helpful, cheerful and friendly, characteristics that make the working day pass easily and productively.

The gardens at Hinton Admiral are undergoing continuous improvement in terms of the standard of maintenance and Gabi provided commitment and determination in order to get the job done in the right way.  As we developed existing and new areas there were often opportunities to try out our horticultural design skills – Gabi’s plant knowledge and naturally artistic nature frequently led to useful contributions to the design process.

Familiarity with the rules of good design, an intrinsically good eye and an ability to recognise what is practically possible are the qualities most important in the planning and construction of a beautiful garden – Gabriella demonstrated these abilities repeatedly during her time here and I wish her every success in the future.

 Robin Mason, Head Gardener at Hinton Admiral Gardens, Hampshire - UK

We hired Gabi to help us kick start the transformation of a garden which hadn't had much input for many years. Gabi listened to what we wanted, recommended appropriate plants as well as plants that we would never have thought of or dared used! Gabi was very generous with her time, effort and advice (for both current and future projects) and she designed and planted some very beautiful borders which we are extremely happy with. I am confident that Gabi will take her time to research your particular wants and garden. She was a delight to work with.

Private Client, Dorset - UK

Gabi has a flair for flower arranging - for understanding colour and scale. She gets it right every time. And it all looks freshly picked from the garden. Her vegetable garden was also always a joy to be in - a feast for all senses.

                                    Private Client, Hampshire - UK


I was amazed at Gabi’s knowledge of plants and what would do well in which beds and which plants work well next to one another in various settings.  I was also amazed at the speed with which she worked.  She could clear out a bed and prepare it for a new planting in less time than I had ever seen.

Dr Trent Hyatt from Dayton, Ohio US

Gabriella was not only helpful in selecting plants for certain sites in my garden, she cared about my desires in a look I wanted and knew how to steer me away from wrong choices, or from plants that would not exist well together.  She also delighted in her work, and it was obvious this was her passion and her love.  She impressed me as a hard worker and an energetic one.  Having moved away, I miss her expertise and her cheerful help very much! 

From a “Friend”

Gabi is the nicest and most hardworking person we have met.  Her cheerful and sunny disposition make her a pleasure to have in our house and garden.  She exudes enthusiasm in her love of gardening and all things associated with flowers, seeds and plants.  She can make house displays of flowers from seemingly nothing; her imagination and drive means she plans well and can transform flower beds and borders in a very short space of time, giving colour and interest throughout the year. Gabi loves perennials and is happy working to a colour of her customers' choice but also loves being given free reign to create something very special, using different and imaginative planting.  We can thoroughly recommend Gabi and her talents; she's immensely gifted and talented in so many areas.

Lynn and James Case


Gabi has been working on various planting schemes for both The Gallivant and the Officers House over the years.

She has created a variety of unique planting schemes around the hotel and in the Shingle Garden that are in perfect harmony to our coastal location. The finished result is beautiful throughout the year, easy to maintain and gets lots of positive comments from guests.

Since planting she has helped through the seasons with ongoing maintenance to keep the schemes tidy and constantly interesting.

We are grateful for her help and would definitely use her garden design and maintenance services again.

Sigrid and Harry Cragoe
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