Garden design


I have studied Garden and Landscape Architecture at University and specialized in Garden and Open Space Design.
However my career after my schools has been focussing on horticulture, garden maintenance and basically making all that drawing on the paperwork come to reality.
I have spent some time at garden designer offices to gain experience but my route was different and had to follow where I was really needed.
Highly skilled, knowledgeable, practical, trustworthy, hard working professional gardeners are much harder to find than a garden designer.
Despite the different career path I had to follow I have not given up garden design for a single moment but I have integrated inot my business.
I am familiar with a wide range of computer programmes which helps with illustration, but it does take the same amount of time to produce a plan and with my work lifestyle the hassle with a temperamental laptop and printer was not worth it.
I have adjusted to my conditions and water proof paper, ink and a ruler has never failed me. 
Through the years I have had to balance between very frugal conditions to be able to learn to draw on wooden boards, small coffee tables, on a bedside, potting blenches, in car on the go.Wherever and whenever I was able to fit in to produce plans for the next projects in my gardens where I was working.
It was all  far from ideal but it is real and perfectly adjusted to the actual site.My work is not about the immaculate lines and precision in drawing, but about the details which is based upon the deep knowledge of the 'locus'  and plants I have produced design for may well be that a border design or an overall plan.
I have had a great aspiration to create a bridge between  garden design and horticulture  and to become one who understands both side and able to create design or maintain a garden to fulfil a vision to its best and most.